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The Future of Video Ads: Is TV Dead?

It would seem that every digital marketer is claiming the TV is dead. But is it? Let's take a dive into the future of video advertising.

Over the last five years we've seen a drastic decline in traditional TV ratings. Of course, some shows are pulling out huge audiences...see "Big Bang Theory" or any of the DC comics shows on the CW as examples. But overall the trend of "cord-cutting" is threatening traditional TV ratings. So what's happening?

“We are seeing a major shift in video consumption habits.” -Charles Barnett, CBA

So really nothing is changing...not really. Consumers still want entertaining video content...but instead of a TV they want it on their phone and instead of the Nightly News they want the Young Turks. The demand hasn't changed, the habits have changed. Here's a fun statistic to keep in mind: Each day users watch over 500 MILLION hours of video on YouTube. This is a HUGE opportunity to reach people when they are the most engaged.

Content is still King!

When you're looking at putting together a digital video ad campaign you should consider where, how, and what audiences are consuming. Look to platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube and Hulu for those hard-to-reach millennial audiences. For example, if you're looking to attract may want to consider targeting content containing "Logan Paul" (YouTube & Instagram) or "Family Guy" or "Marvel's The Runaways" on Hulu.

Keep in mind that video ad CPMs are rather pricey, but the right combination of ad creative/targeting/optimization can prove to be successful. To learn more about digital video advertising contact us today.